Patrick Lopardo Artist - Designer - Developer
Web Development and Graphic Design Below are a few websites, logos and graphics I have crated in Adobe Muse, Photoshop and Illustrator. Q & C Auto is also a local company who reached out to me to create a website for them. Similar to Allen Construction they needed a Website to really show the new Internet Generation they were out there and the quality work they can do. I worked closely with the owner to create exactly what he wanted and how he wanted his company displayed on the Internet. In the end he was extremely satisfied with the results and shows off his website every chance he gets. To the left are a few edits I did for their logo and a new logo I crated for another project we are starting. IgniteHope Is a Non-Profit dedicated to empowering cancer survivors and people going though cancer treatment. I developed this website to help grow our Non-Profit and in turn help to continue to empower people effected by cancer. To the left are some Logo Designs and promotional material I have created., Allen Construction Company is a local construction company that needed a website to help show what they can do to their customers. The owner is a well experienced carpenter but didn't really know much about computers or websites. He really needed something to show is younger customers that would ask if he had a website or even a facebook. I got him set up with is website and he loved it, especially when I used the picture of his truck and dog on the front page. To the right are some logo designs I created for him to choose from.
Other Design Work Below are a few more graphics I have created over the years for different projects. Her you will see the development of a logo and package design,